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Meet Anuschka

The name Floresco means "to begin to blossom or flourish". My aim when working with people is to help them discover and apply their unique strengths and abilities so that they can reach their full potential and flourish in what they do. I am passionate about helping people thrive in their careers and personal lives. Since we spend such a large portion of our lives working, I believe that it is essential to find a career that you love and that provides you the opportunity to excel. I am also dedicated to helping individuals grow and prosper in their personal lives, by focusing on their strengths.


I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and as a Psychometrist I enjoy being able to offer insights into human characteristics and behaviour.

Whilst pursuing my psychological studies, I also completed my Masters Degree in Theology. My  background in this field has led me on a journey of faith and discovery. It has also taught me to appreciate how people from different eras and communities have experienced and interpreted their faith in ways that are diverse yet still connected. I have come to realise that the lens through which we view our lives can have a significant impact on our experiences.

Qualifications and Professional Registration

  • Registered Psychometrist Independent Practice with the HPCSA

  • Practical Programme in Psychometry (UJ)

  • BSocSci Honours Psychology (UP) 

  • Master of Theology, New Testament Studies (UP)

  • Psychology modules (UNISA)

  • BA Honours in Ancient Languages and Culture (UP)

  • BTh Theology (UP)



Subject-Choice Assessments

Help your child to select subjects that are the right fit for them, and that will set them up for success.


Although your child might not be sure exactly what they want to pursue after school, a subject-choice assessment can help guide them in the right direction. Selecting the best-fit subjects for them can set them up for success in the future when they have to choose a study and career path.

Not sure if you're studying the right course? Not sure what to do after your studies?

If you're currently studying but you're not quite sure if you're happy with your current study direction, or if you don't know what to do after your studies, then career guidance might be ideal for you. Let us assist you in finding the study and career path that is the perfect fit for you. Start your journey towards career fulfilment.

Students Studying Outside
University Career Guidance 

Choosing what to do after school can be daunting. Let us guide your child in their career journey.

Is your child in high school and unsure what to do next? Career guidance can help to guide them on their journey to discovering the right career path for them.

Students During Break
High School Career Guidance 

Pursue the career of your dreams and love what you do.

Dissatisfied in your current career? Feeling like you're not reaching your potential? Career guidance can help you discover what it is you really want to do and where you will excel. Let us assist you in taking the next leap in your career journey.

Stressed Man
Adult Career Guidance 


Personal Development

Understand yourself better and learn how to reach your potential.

We all have room for growth, but sometimes we need a little help to start this process. Using tools to understand ourselves better can be very enlightening and helpful. Our approach is to focus on your areas of strength and from there guide you on your journey towards self-discovery and fulfilment.

Team Development

Help your team function optimally and reach success.

Your team might be experiencing miscommunication, or even frustration, among its members. Or your team might be functioning okay, but you want it to be exceptional. In team development we focus firstly on helping the individual members understand themselves better. We then assist team members to understand each other better in order to function more efficiently together. Understanding how to play to each other's strengths can help your team to achieve success in its mission.

Similing Team
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The views in these videos and talks are not the views of Floresco Psychometry or intended as authoritative. They are merely intended as interesting talks regarding human-related topics.