Why do a subject-choice assessment?

Although the subjects your child takes at school does not have to solely define the career path they eventually follow, selecting the right subjects can help to set them up for success. But what are the right subjects? The aim is to help your child discover the areas of interest which they enjoy the most and have the potential to perform the best in. The goal is for your child to align their high school subject choices with their preferred future career field.

What can you expect when bringing your child for a subject-choice assessment?

When coming for this service the following will be assessed: your child's aptitude and ability in different areas of functioning, their areas of interest, and their personality functioning. The insight gained in these areas of functioning will help them to choose subjects most suitable for them, and that will set them up for success in their future career paths. Attention is also given to your child's study habits and learning style to identify potential areas of development. 

The process will consist of psychometric assessments and other qualitative assessments and discussions. The assessments typically last a few hours. After the assessment process, you will receive a written report during a feedback session where assessment results and recommendations will be discussed with you and your child.