Why would you and your team be interested in team development?

Team development can be of benefit to any group of people that is required to work well together to reach common goals. This could be anything from an organisational team to a sports team. 


Often when working with other people we experience some sort of disharmony or conflict because we all have a unique manner in which we approach a particular objective. Having each team member understand themselves and the rest of their team better, can greatly help members to have more grace for each others differences and better appreciate the contributions that all members are able to bring to the table. This in turn helps the team to function more effectively and efficiently together and be better equipped to reach their common goals. 

What can you expect when coming for team development guidance?

As a start to the process, we will determine the particular needs of your team through a consultation session with the key stakeholders in the team. After this, every member of the team, including the leaders, will undergo one or more assessments. Every member will also receive an individual one-hour consultation session during which their assessment results will be discussed thoroughly. We aim to focus on every person's areas of strength and the potential contribution that they can offer to the team. Hereafter, the team will have a number of group sessions wherein the team will discover each other's specific approaches and strengths. The key is for every member to understand themselves better, understand the rest of their team better, recognise the potential contributions every member can bring (including themselves), and recognise how everyone can better work together as a team.